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Why You Should Consider Sodding.

Every homeowner will always try to improve their homes to ensure their homes stand out. There is various way to make a home look great and one such thing is establishing a lawn. Your home will be on a new level with a well-maintained green lawn. A lawn will also add some value to the property. However, there are different ways of installing a lawn and sodding has increasingly become a popular choice over the years.

A sod comprises of soil and grass held by a root system or a biodegradable material. Sod is, however, grown first, then harvested and delivered to the consumer. There are many places where sod can be installed such as schools, homes, sports stadiums, businesses, and golf courses. If you are considering a sod lawn, however, you need to find North Yolk’s best choice for sodding.

Sod is grown from a variety of grass since different types of grass will do better in different climates and conditions. While some are adaptable in whichever area they are grown, others have been bred for specific conditions. It is, therefore, important that you carefully choose the sod that matches your location. The sod you choose should tolerate the challenges where it is grown and the climate should also be ideal. Also, you should choose a lawn that will give you the kind of appearance you want.

There are various reasons why sodding has increasingly become popular. Such reasons why sodding has become a preferred option are as follows.

1. Instant lawn.

The good thing about sodding is that it is instant. This is unlike seeding that would take about 18 months to grow. Seeding will keep your backyard bare until the lawn is established. However, sodding will give an instant aesthetic change to your yard and will take about two weeks to be established.

You will also be able to use your sod lawn for heavy activities after two weeks. Therefore, this becomes a fast-lawn planting method with immediate beauty to your outdoor space. It will only take a couple of hours to have the sod installed.

2. Expertly grown.

Since sod is farmed for sale, it is expertly grown. Therefore, they are fully aware of the best techniques of harvesting superior sod that is also healthy and green. Sod is also grown from top-quality seeds. The sod strips are also lifted with special machines which give them the appearance of carper rolls.

3. Less irrigation.

Newly planted sod will only require to be watered two times a day for several weeks after being planted. This is unlike seeded lawn that requires watering more than 3 times a day to support seed germination. This will, therefore, mean less irrigation for sod lawn.

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