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Kinds of Modern Trampolines

The different variety of trampolines that people enjoy today can be credited to the innovative adjustments that manufacturers implemented over the years. There are those that use trampolines for recreational purpose, those that form their entire fitness routine around it and a handful that enjoy both uses.

The Round Type of Trampoline

Among all the types of trampolines available in the market, the round trampoline would be the most famous; it’s so popular that they are the kind of trampoline that you’ll see in a typical backyard. Round trampolines almost always feature safety nets and are available at twelve up to sixteen feet in diameter; although they are highly recommended for children’s recreational use, it wouldn’t hurt for a teenager of an adult to have a bit of fun on it.

Rectangular Trampolines

The ever-growing popularity of rectangular trampolines can be credited to a lot of factors, but there are two main reasons that standout. The first reason is the shape itself, since it’s rectangular it’s a better fit in the backyard especially when considering the usual fencing and space in a home. The second reason is that, thanks to the uneven distribution of force, this kind of trampoline offers a higher bounce. Rectangular trampolines are ideal for those who are skilled jumpers, gymnasts or just know exactly what they’re doing.

Water Trampolines

Generally placed in vast water spaces where it won’t bump into anything else, water based trampolines are also the inflatable kind. If you’re looking for a trampoline where people can bounce on for hours or as a device to launch people right into water then water trampolines are the best option. Water trampolines are a favorite option among summer camps as well as lakeside resorts.

The Mini Trampoline Option

Small trampolines are a favorite among fitness enthusiasts. Besides the fact that they are not a headache to store, mini trampolines can be used indoor or outdoor and you can enjoy health benefits at a low impact.

Mini Trampolines and the Biggest Benefit They Can Offer

Trampoline jumping offers a lot of surprising benefits, hence its incredible popularity.


One of the biggest benefit that comes from a mini trampoline is the overall entertainment value. Not like all the other redundant and boring exercises you can ready online, trampolines offer a great deal of fun. On top of that, users said that using trampolines for exercises remind them of their childhood.

Experience Low Impact Cardio

Majority of the cardio exercises that you’ll encounter out there can put quite a strain on the body. Compared to the trails and roadways you’ll run on while jogging or running, trampolines are obviously softer; the jarring might develop leg or foot problems in the future.

Burn Those Calories Away

Aerobic activities will undoubtedly burn calories and that includes jumping on your trampoline. What sets trampoline exercises apart is the fun you’ll experience in it.

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